Cartoons, Doodles, Posters and Band Artwork by a fellow named Loz


Viking, Dane, Saxon Doodles

Really enjoying the 2nd series of The Last Kingdom, so here are a couple of quick doodles inspired by that!


Foxy Shazam

Artwork for a new character of mine, Agent Foxy Shazam, a 1960’s crime fighting hero!


Xmas Sonomingo

It’s a day late but Merry Xmas and here’s to a fantastic year ahead for all!

Xmas pic 2016.jpg

The Drifters

Just a little doodle inspired by some characters in the trailer of Dark Souls III.


Sonomingo Sunset (Gad Zukes image)

Here is a flamingo photo I found on the net which inspired this little Gad Zukes image



Pirate Poster – (base image) 2015

Ahoy followers!

Long time no posts I hear you all cry in unison! Apologies, it has all been rather busy of late on my drawing pad, plenty of new exciting projects on the go. Hopefully get some new images up here soon. In the meantime here is a picture from last year I did for a little summer music festival (pirate themed of course).

Ta ta!

Garden Party 2015 SMALL simple size 2

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