Cartoons, Doodles, Posters and Band Artwork by a fellow named Loz



Fungi Samurai

Shiitake samurai 2


Viking, Dane, Saxon Doodles

Really enjoying the 2nd series of The Last Kingdom, so here are a couple of quick doodles inspired by that!


Foxy Shazam

Artwork for a new character of mine, Agent Foxy Shazam, a 1960’s crime fighting hero!


Xmas Sonomingo

It’s a day late but Merry Xmas and here’s to a fantastic year ahead for all!

Xmas pic 2016.jpg

The Drifters

Just a little doodle inspired by some characters in the trailer of Dark Souls III.


Sonomingo Sunset (Gad Zukes image)

Here is a flamingo photo I found on the net which inspired this little Gad Zukes image


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